StatsCan to compile national housing database

There’s an article in the Calgary Herald for Tuesday July 18, 2017, announcing the collection of a national database of housing statistics. You may be able to find the article on line and I have copied and posted the text of it here: StatsCan starts challenging task of national housing database
The StatsCan team are gathering data from a wide range of resources and intend to compile a detailed database of all housing in Canada. Anna Steshenko writes:

“The creation of the database will be facilitated by a National Property Register, which will keep tabs on every property in Canada, and information about their respective owners. The Housing Statistics Framework would mine that data to generate statistics on foreign ownership, average prices, mortgage data, vacancy rates property size and homebuyer characteristics”.

One has to hope that the data will be available to organisations like COF so we can assess and meet the needs of owners.

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