Terms of Reference Guide for Condo Board Committees

Creating a successful board committee requires the development of a Terms of Reference (TOR) that clearly describes what is expected from the committee in terms of the purpose of the committee, what is in and out of scope for the committee, and the decision-making authority of the committee. A TOR for Board Committees should be approved as a corporate rule.

COF has drafted a Terms of Reference Guide for Alberta Condo Board Committees. This is one of a series of guidelines for Alberta condominium owners. We welcome your suggestions and feedback for future upgrades.

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Condominium corporations benefit greatly when board members have financial knowledge and follow common-sense financial management processes. Does your condo board include at least one person with financial experience, who can analyze and clearly communicate the condominium corporation’s current and forecast financial position to other board members and all owners?

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Is Your Condo Counting Special Resolutions Properly? Bill 19: Changes to Voting Procedures

The predominant concern appears to be that the proposed legislative amendments will create confusion, not clarity, and that passing special resolutions will be made much more difficult and costly in terms of imposing additional administrative requirements. Many of these inquiries have also assumed that calculating the result of a special resolution vote is based on the total number of units in a condominium. As I will explain, this is incorrect.

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