Volunteering for your condo corporation, as part of a committee or as a director, is more than just a  way to pass the time. It offers numerous benefits.

Protects Your Investment

Serving as a director allows you to be involved in deciding how the corporation is managed, including how property maintenance and issues are handled. You hear discussions about the pros and cons of decisions. Direct access to other directors opens the door to advocating for investments, social programming, and other opportunities to improve your lifestyle and protect your property investment.

Improves and Expands Relationships

Volunteering as a director or on a committee is a great way to meet neighbours. It helps to broaden your network, find common interests, and build lifelong friendships.

Improves Your Health

Volunteering is a great way to improve your health, as it can affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can help to manage and reduce stress levels.

Develops Skills

Volunteering is an opportunity to develop and refine skills. When applying for a job or seeking a  promotion, volunteer work can be as important as job experience. Business management, planning,  public speaking, communication, and finance are among the skills utilized as a condo director.

People who are partially employed, between jobs, fully employed or retired, can benefit from volunteering for their condo corporation. Even the busiest of people benefit from volunteering to help their community.

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Condominium corporations benefit greatly when board members have financial knowledge and follow common-sense financial management processes. Does your condo board include at least one person with financial experience, who can analyze and clearly communicate the condominium corporation’s current and forecast financial position to other board members and all owners?

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