Energy Affordability Program:
THIS PETITION HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED We thank you for your support! _____________ please see below...

Our Affordability Energy Rebate petition on behalf of Condo Owners not currently getting the Electricity Rebate or other energy rebates is now closed.

We want to let you know that our petition asking for increased fairness and eligibility in the Electricity and Natural Gas rebates for Condominium Owners has come to end as of noon on March 22nd, 2023.
We have accomplished what we set out to do in a meeting with Minister Matt Jones and his team at the Ministry of Affordability and Utilities.
They have assured us that changes will be coming soon to allow Condominium Owners in sub-meter and single-meter multi-family buildings to apply or their Boards to apply.
To provide closure to the hundreds of Condo Owners and Condominium Boards that have signed our petition we have asked the opposition to table our petition in the Legislature. Hence, it becomes part of this legislative session. We look forward to seeing this petition tabled on Thursday afternoon, March 23rd.
In a perfect world, we hope that when the petition is tabled and questions are asked, the Minister can give the house some positive comments on the work on this issue that his Ministry has been working on, and when we might be able to expect these changes.
In the meetings we’ve had we feel that progress has been made. The only question we still have is whether we can see these changes made before the election campaign starts?.
We thank our supporters for their interest and support, We will update everyone as soon as changes are made.

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Thank you from your COF Board of Directors

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