Why You Need Appraisals & SIUD (Standard Insurable Unit Descriptions)

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Why You Need Appraisals & SIUD (Standard Insurable Unit Descriptions)

with Omar Khan

Held January 11, 2021

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Omar has been working with condominiums and other properties for over 10 years. Initially working on capital projects for a property management firm and an engineering firm in Ontario. He has also been working with developers on several aspects of new construction creating a standard by law in Ontario, similar to the SIUD requirements now present in Alberta. Now residing in Calgary, Omar has been working with Normac, a firm that specializes in Insurance Appraisals and the Standard Insurable Unit Description (SIUD).

Omar helped create the SIUD template and protocols for Normac and has been consulting with Condo corporations across Alberta to ensure they are fulfilling all requirements in the SIUD. Normac is one of Canada’s leading Insurance Appraisal firms, and has been doing insurance appraisals for over 20 years, completing 60,000+ appraisal reports in over 100 cities across Canada. Learn more about Normac.

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