How important is condo ownership in Alberta?

Condominium living is the fastest growing part of the Alberta housing stock (25% today).

There are over 8,800 individual condominium corporations in Alberta, including over 440,000 individual condominium units. Source: Service Alberta 2018

We estimate that over 1.2M Albertans live in condos with a value of $100-$150 billion.

Why is COF needed?

While other condo organizations exist in Alberta, COF is the only incorporated province-wide organization exclusively representing condo owners.

Condo owners have questions and have trouble finding answers. There are very few sources of information, education, and networking for Condo Owners.

COF helps condo owners find answers and understand their rights.

Questions we often hear:

  • What are my rights?
  • I have a problem. Where can I get information or help?
  • How can I get involved?
  • How did you solve this condo problem?

How does COF work with industry and government?

As the only incorporated, province-wide organization representing Alberta condo owners, we know that we must work collaboratively with industry and government. All stakeholders are important.

Our team members are actively involved in ongoing consultations with the Government of Alberta and industry. We have made condo owners’ needs known to the government and industry related to:

  • The changes to the Condominium Property Act (CPA) and CPA Regulation.
  • Human Rights legislation impacting condos.
  • Licensing, educational standards and proficiency of condo managers.
  • Fine-tuning the legislation and addressing new issues as they arise.
  • Ongoing needs for improved governance and management of Alberta condos.

Why is COF needed now?

The number of Condo Owners is growing. While new owners need to understand their condos, existing owners frequently face difficult questions. Many board members have limited experience in condo governance, how a board should operate or building issues.

What does COF offer Albertans?

Opportunities to network:

  • COF members can participate in our online Forum where they can ask questions of others who have faced similar issues.
  • Virtual Condo Chats where all members can hear presentations and ask questions of condo specialists on condo law, condo management, engineering, insurance, etc.
  • Newsletters containing timely and informative articles of interest to condo owners.

Some say that condo living is full of problems.

Most condos in Alberta operate very effectively.

With people living in close proximity to others and shared financial responsibilities, differences are bound to arise. If differences are addressed constructively, condos can operate very well.

Each condo is like a small town – some would say the fourth level of government. There are diverse opinions and attitudes and ongoing issues in managing the neighbourhood.

How condos manage their differences is what counts.

Helping condo owners solve differences constructively is an important objective of COF.

How is COF funded?

Membership fees, sponsorships and donations fund our website, Forum, newsletters, courses and workshops.

Where can I learn more about COF?

Visit our website and our Forum at: www.cofsab.ca

Email us at: info@cofsab.ca

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Alberta Condo Communities


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